The Principal

Ar. M. Arun Karthick

EXCAAP has transformed into a Individual institute that offers B.Arch undergraduate programme (affiliated to Anna university, Chennai), and it has also witnessed a remarkable increase in the number of students enrolling from various parts of the country. The institute will continue to make active and dedicated attempts to infuse a global perspective into Architectural education. The newly evolved curriculum is more contextual and research-oriented and will impart sustainable and energy efficient design education. Attempts will be made to retain and attract quality faculty, architects, academicians, designers, researchers, and professionals; thus demonstrating the institute’s intellectual engagement with the latest in thought leadership.

This is the most opportune time to consolidate all the new initiatives that can strengthen EXCAAP as a multifaceted institution. I am confident that the cooperative endeavors of the faculty, students, and staff of the institute will help EXCAAP evolve as a responsible institution that ensures an equal dispersion of modern Architectural design practices and philosophies.