About the Department

In recent years, electronics the world over has made unprecedented growth in terms of new technologies, new ideas and principles. The rate of obsolescence of technologies also has been extremely high. Researchers, academicians, industries and the society at large have to work in unison to meet the challenges of the rapidly growing discipline. The research organizations and industries that work in this frontier area are in need of highly skilled and scientifically oriented manpower. This manpower can be available only with flexible, adaptive and progressive training programs and a cohesive interaction among the research organizations, academicians and industries.


To achieve excellence in teaching and research through innovation and creativity, responsible stewardship and conservation of resources.


The Mission is to create and sustain a community of learn in which students acquire knowledge and learn to apply it professionally with due consideration for ethical, ecological and economic issues. Also, it aims to provide knowledge-based technological services to satisfy the need of society and industry and to help in building national capabilities in technology and research.

Courses Offered

B.E., Electronics and Communication Engineering(UG-4 Years)

M.E., Embedded System Technologies (PG-2 Years)

M.E., VLSI Design (PG-2 Years)