• Academic Year 2016-2017

    S.NoDateName Of The StudentClassName Of The College And PlaceclassName Of The ProgramEvent ParticipationPrize
    129/7/16 & 30/7/16K.Parkavi V.Vijayalaksmi T.Sangeetha G.Vishalini C.Sathya III AKongu Engineering collegeWorkshop On image processing using MATLABWorkshop
    R. Sunitha
    IIIAAVS Engnieering collegeDesign and performance of hybrid four bit full adder
    Finger print recognition based electronic voting machine
    Paper Presentation 
    317.09.16R.SunithaIIIAKongu Engineering CollegeMobile RobotsWorkshop 
    T.R .Nandhini
    M.S Deepika
    IIIAUNIQ technologyAntroid app developmentWorkshop 
    N.Suresh Sakthi
    IIIGovt. College of Engineering,SalemPaper PresentationCOMPCOM 17.0 Symposium 
    621.02.17S.Sakthi Murugu
    M.Vishnu Vignesh
    IIIGovt. College of Engineering,SalemPaper PresentationCOMPCOM 17.0 Symposium 
     KSR college of technologyNight Vision TechnologyNational level Technical Symposium
    83&4 March 17A.Renuka
    IVKongu Engineering CollegeRole of Intelleigent Robots in Industrial AutomationNational seminar
    910&11 March 17V.Navaneethakrishnan Sri Krishna College of Engineering and TechnologyEmbedded system design National Level Workshop
    1022 July 16R.Archana ,R.Suhashini,A.Priyadharshini,A.Nithya IIIHindustan Institute of TechnologyVLSI CHIP Design National Level Workshop
    1125 Feb. 17R.Archana, A.Priyadharshini IIISri Ramkrishna institute of technologyPaper presentation,Code debugging XPLOSION 2K17- Symposium
    123 March 17R.Archana , R.Subashini, A.Priyadharshini IIINandha College Of TechnologyPaper Presentation,Project Presentation TECHSPURTZ 17 -Symposium
    1317 March 17M.Sathya,S.Manimegalai,T.Kiruthika,N.Vinodhini,R.Ramya & A.Priya
    IIISSM College of EngineeringPaper Presentation,Quiz,Circuit Debugging TECHSPURTZ 17 -Symposium 
    14.a17 March 17P.Nandhiya DeviIVMaharaja Engineering CollegeFinger print recognition system based on electronic voting machineNCRTECC’17
    National level conference
    14.b17 March 17P.Vidhya lakshmi
    IVMaharaja Engineering CollegeDesign and implementation of ultra wide low frequency dual band wave form generatorNCRTECC’17
    National level conference
    14.c17 March 17K,Keerthana, S.Jayaram,M.Gomathi,S.Sastha deviIVMaharaja Engineering CollegeAdvanced toll e-ticketing and weapon detecting systemsNCRTECC’17
    National level conference
    14.d17 March 17P.Kannan,S.Priyadharshini,P.Lakshmi, K.KiruthigaIVMaharaja Engineering CollegeEmergency response and rescue for traffic control issue based on IOTNCRTECC’17
    National level conference
    1527.8.16Nandhini.R, P.Nandhiya devi, C.ArchanaIIIAVS Engineering CollegeNano wave electricityE’NOVATE 2K16
    163.3.17B.GokulrajIVMuthayammal College of EngineeringPaper presentationE-KRAFT2K17
    177 Sep 16B.GokulrajIVMahendra college of EngineeringPaper presentationEGLITZ’16
    1812.8.16K.ShaliniKongunadu College Of Engineering and TechnologyJust a minute,paper presentationTEK CLUSTER’16
    1917.9.16P.Nandhiya deviKongu Engineering CollegeMobile roboticsWorkshop
    2015.3.17J.Angelin joyceTamilnadu College of EngineeringWireless ElectricityRecent Trends in Electrical Science- conference
    2122.3.17K.ShaliniSona College of TechnologyProject Expo,Paper presentation,circuit debugging,technical quizFRACTALS’17
    Technical symposium
    22K.ShaliniSalem College of Engineering and TechnologyPaper PresentationCRENOVA
    (national level symposium)
    2324.3.17P.Shobiya,A.Arsha ,Reshma Raj,M.Alan antoGnanamani College of TechnologyWireless Optical data transfer in under water systemETET -2017 National level conference
    2424.3.17T.Manikandan,M.Rajasabeersh,S.GokulrajGnanamani College of TechnologyAutomatic nodue clearance and paying system with help of RF id using IOTETET -2017 National level conference
    24b24.3.17S.Lenin lisa ,K.PriyangaGnanamani College of TechnologyIOT based smart solicit using RF idETET -2017 National level conference
    24c24.3.17R.Megala,S.Kalaiyarasi,U.KohilaGnanamani College of TechnologyWSN based industrial pollertant monitoring systemETET -2017 National level conference
    24d24.3.17A.Devika,M.Banupriya,S.Nandhini,K.SushmitaGnanamani College of TechnologyConductor less bus ticketing information system using RF id using GSM and emergency alert systemETET -2017 National level conference
    24e24.3.17M.Saranya, H.Abirami, R.Mathivignesh, S.KirithigaGnanamani College of TechnologyFinger print based IOT tunnel for driving license verificationETET -2017 National level conference
    25a3.3.17S.Shobana, Manomani.D, Manigandan.G, Keerthipriya.PRVS College of Engineering and Technology Autonomous versatile medicine vending robotIICT’17 Conference
    25b3.3.17Madhuvanthi.N,P.Kalaiyarasi,S.Gokulapriya,T.BrindhaRVS College of Engineering and Technology Intelligent car monitoring by using embedded systemIICT’17 Conference
    25c3.3.17S.Boopathi,S.Eswari,N.Gowsalya,S.AravindhRVS College of Engineering and Technology Live human detecting rorbot for natural and manmade disasterIICT’17 Conference
    2630&31 march 17N.Sabitha,P.Gayathri devi,G.M.Shrimathi,N.GayathiriMuthayamal Engineerring institutionInternational ConferenceIICT’17 Conference
    2725&26 march 17A.Ammu & K.Shrimathi,E.Monisha,R.Manikandan,S.SangeethaCoimbatore Institute of Technology National ConferenceNCRTECC’17Conference
    2825.3.17A.Renuka,Pavithra .B, S.Anjali,N.Meena, M.VinithaM.P.Nachimuthu M.Jaganthan Engineering College International ConferenceICASETM’17 Conference
    2918.3.17S.Rajkumar,G.VasugiKongu Engineering CollegeIOT based smart solicit using RFIDNCPCEM-2017 conference
    3017.3.17M.Kiruthika,S.Priyadharshini,S.Nadhiya,P.PoongodiNandha College Of TechnologyFault detection in transformer using GSM technologyNCETET’17 conference
    31a10.3.17P.Jayakumar,M.Jamuna Baby,R.Vinayaga moorthyVellalar College of Engineering and TechnologyRaspberry PI based security camera with solar energy for high tech securityNCTEAM’17 Conference
    31b10.3.17S.Tamilselvan, A.Suresh kumar,S.Ponvannan & J.AsirjackVellalar College of Engineering and TechnologyEmbedded mending limbsNCTEAM’17 Conference
    3217.3.17M.Tulasimani,M.Suganthi,K.Sathya & K.VidhyaKSR Institute for engineering and technology Protection of valuable forest trees based anti poaching system with WSN technologyICRTET’17 Confernce
    3322.2.17M.VinothiniK.S.Rangasamy college of technologyAntenna designWorkshop

    Academic Year 2015-2016

    Project Presentation in the National Level Technical Symposium at Sengunthar college of Engineering , Tiruchengode   <

    III yr ECE Students got prize for Out side College Events & Project Presentation.  

  • Academic Year 2017-2018

    Department of ECE, EEE Excel Engineering colleges and Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi organised Awareness on Neutrino on 5th July 2018 at V.K.R. hall.

    Excel College of Engineering and Technology - Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering has organized One Day Seminar on “Recent Trends and Technologies in VLSI Design” on 9th February 2018 at ECET Campus.

    Excel College of Engineering and Technology - Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering & Department of Electronics an Communication Engineering has organized National Level Technical Symposium on 03rd February 2018 at ECET Campus.

    Department of ECE, E&T is organizing a Two day Hands on Training on "VLSI Design Using Open Source EDA Tool" on 7th and 8th December 2017.

    Departments ECE, EEC & E&T Jointly organised Guest Lecture on Electronic Devices at Excel Campus on 25th September 2017.

    Excel College of Engineering & Technology Department of ECE & EEE have organized Association Inauguration on 5th August 2017 at V.K.R. Memorial Hall, E&T Campus.

    Excel College of Engineering & Technology - Department of ECE & EEE have organised Two Day Workshop on PCB Design on 18th & 19th July 2017 in E&T campus.

    Academic Year 2016-2017

    Excel College og Engineering and Technology, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering has organized 5th National Level Technical Symposium "Lantarkee 2K17" on 18th March 2017 at Excel Campus.

    Excel College of Engineering & Technology - Department of ECE & EEE have organized the Associations Inauguration "LANTARKEE'16" & "SPATIANZ'16" on 6th August 2016 at VKR Memorial Hall in Excel Campus

    Academic Year 2015-2016

    Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering has organized 4th National Level Technical Symposium "Steinmentz '2k16" on 9th March 2016.

    Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering has organized the Inauguration of "e-Yantra Robotics Lab" on 02.03.2016 at Thiruvalluvar hall

    ECE Department have to Sign Memorandum of understanding (MOU) between EXCEL COLLEGE OF ENGG & TECH , EXCEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE,Komarapalayam & SUNSHIV ELECTRONIC SOLUTIONS, COIMBATORE On 24th Feb-2016 and also plan to conduct Guest Lecture on "BASIC ELECTRONICS” (24th Feb-2016). The session handles by Mr.S.Sundaramoorthy, Managing Director – Sunshiv Electronic Solutions.

    Department of ECE, E&T organised Mr. Sundara Moorthy , M.D. Sun Shiv , Guest lecture on pooriyalar pattarai @ V.K.R. Hall Excell college of engineering & technology  

    Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering organized 'STEJNMETZ'15 Association Inauguration to be held on 22-August 2015 on 10.00 AM at VKR Memorial hall, Excel College of Engineering & Technology.  

    Academic Year 2014-2015

    Department of ECE of Industry Explorer-15 (first edition) on 07.02.15.

    Association Inauguration of Department of ECE held on 25-09-2014 @ Excel College of Engineering and Technology.

    Academic Year 2014-2015

    Commencement of the Classes for 2014-2015 Batch Students of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Petroleum Engineering and Petrochemical Technology held on 06th August 2014, Wednesday at 10.00 am. @ V.K.R. Memorial A/C Hall, Excel Campus.

  • Academic Year 2015-2016

    Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering conducted on IN-PLANT TRAINING for INDUSTRIAL READY ENGINEERING held on 28, 29 & 30 May 2015, at Excel College of Engineering and Technology.