About the Department

The Mechanical Engineering Department at Excel College of Engineering and Technology,
Komarapalayam is established in the academic year of 2009-10 with a yearly intake of 60. Today
the intake has been increased to 240 students per year. The Department is continuously striving
to achieve excellence in Education, Academic and Industry Oriented Research as well as
consultancy work with an aim of service to the society. We aim to provide our students with a
perfect blend of intellectual and practical experiences that helps them to serve our society and
address a variety of needs.


The Department of Mechanical Engineering will be nationally recognized as having one of the best undergraduate and graduate programs in the nation. Based on the quality and balance of its programs and research it will be a department of choice by prospective students, parents, faculty, staff, corporate donors, and corporate employees worldwide.


To serve society through innovation and excellence in teaching and research.
The Mechanical Engineering Department educates the engineers of tomorrow by integrating classroom theory and practical hands-on projects, by emphasizing the process of learning and critical thinking, by conducting original research, and by promoting professional relationships among the university, the business community, and engineering colleagues.

Discipline of Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering discipline involves the application of principles of physics for analysis, design, manufacturing and maintenance of Mechanical System. It requires a solid understanding of key concepts including Mechanics, Kinematics, Thermodynamics and Energy. Mechanical Engineers use these principles and involve themselves in design and analysis of Automobiles, Aircraft, Heating and Cooling systems, Water Craft, Manufacturing plants, Industrial Equipments and Machinery, Medical Devices and more.

Role of Mechanical Engineer

Design, Development, Tooling, Production, Analysis, Maintenance, Operation Service

Courses Offered

B.E., Mechanical Engineering (UG-4 Years)

M.E., Engineering Design (PG-2 Years)

M.E., Industrial Safety Engineering (PG-2 Years)

M.E., CAD/CAM (PG-2 Years)