The Department of Science and Humanities attempts to mould the students to the best of their capability to expand their knowledge in basic science required for a budding engineer, to compete and contribute to industry and research. The department hopes to train the young engineers to excel in scientific thinking and logical reasoning.


  • To instill the significance of Basic Sciences and expand a natural elegance for Engineering and Technology which in turn shall mould the student into an expert professional
  • To secure pass percentage of above 95% results in university examinations.

About the Department

  • The Department of Science and Humanities established in 2009, is bridging the curriculum between school and Engineering education. The main propel behind the establishment of the department is to endorse basic scientific understanding and knowledge for undergraduate engineering students. The Department takes on the responsibility of teaching basic subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics & English for all engineering courses. The Department also encourages students to engage in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities to develop their team spirit and organizational skills. This Department imparts excellent quality of education in various fields for future development of students. It takes lot of efforts to make the students understand the basic concepts with right learning atmosphere. The acquired skills help the students to upgrade their proficiency in Engineering Applications. To enrich the knowledge, faculties are motivated to attend Seminars, Conferences, and Faculty Development Programs and publish their research findings.

Message from Head of Department

  • It is a great honor for me to write this message for the Science and Humanities department of Excel College of engineering and technology. It has been created to promote and develop teaching, in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English and CSE. The Department of Science and Humanities has been offering outstanding infrastructural and laboratory facilities to the aspiring professional students to thrive in their engineering field. The department has vigorous skilled energetic faculty members to excel the career of undergraduate B.E and B.Tech students. The faculty members give additional support for the late bloomers to progress well in their academics. Our main aim is to bring out brilliance among students by providing them deeper and graded ideas.


The Department has highly competent, well experienced and committed faculty members. The department facilitates high-tech Language laboratory with advanced techniques to augment the Communication Skills and Employability skills of the students. It provides a number of opportunities for the students to develop their overall traits and also inspire them to participate in inter and intra college competitions. In addition to the theoretical lecturing, we give more impact on LSRW skills. Business English Certificate (BEC) exams are also intended to assist the students to commune more competently in a worldwide work background as it is recognized by large international corporations. In addition to the department strive to place students in reputed companies by providing hands-on training through advanced software (Globarena) in GD, interview skills and soft cum social skills.


The Department has highly qualified and dedicated faculty members with specialization in various disciplines of Physics. The Department of Physics caters to the basic foundation course, Engineering Physics, a baseline for any engineering stream. The department has a well-established laboratory with latest equipment.


The Department of Chemistry is committed to convey value scientific knowledge and develop required skills that will enable the students to fruitfully meet real world challenges. The Department strives to achieve this by providing an outstanding academic environment, well-developed infrastructure and efficient faculty.


It serves to provide a strong foundation in Mathematics and its applications in engineering both at undergraduate and post graduate level. The department of Mathematics has highly capable and devoted faculty members working on diverse areas such as Fluid Mechanics, Graph Theory, Algebraic Coding Theory, Image Processing, Fuzzy Stochastic Process, Fuzzy Graph Theory, Queuing Theory, Functional Analysis, Stochastic Process, Neural Networks, Sampling Theory & Wavelet Analysis, and Algebra.


Global Excellence and Local Relevance in teaching, and technology development is the vision of the Department. The CSE department is to come out as a world class expertise department through education, innovation. The faculties are committed to bring out career oriented graduates who are industry ready through inventive practices of teaching-learning process. As a result, the department enjoys the privilege of being one of the leading departments in the Institution.