Lab Facilities

"Laboratory is the place to see the realities through which the students can implement their theoretical knowledge".

Physics Laboratory

The Department has excellent laboratory infrastructural facilities and the Students are trained in the following laboratories to enhance their practical skills.
Some of the major equipments in the Laboratories:

 • Young's Modulus – Uniform & Non Uniform Bending

 • Spectrometer

 • Diode Laser

 • Ultrasonic Interferometer

 • Air-Wedge Apparatus

 • Band gap Apparatus

 • Torsional Pendulum

 • Lee's Disc Apparatus

Chemistry Laboratory

Our laboratory has improved Lab space, building code upgrades, enhanced plumping systems. The tables and floors are provided with tiles top fitted with accessories, water connections. All chemicals and glass wares are available for conducting the Engineering chemistry practical’s in laboratory.
Major equipments available in the Laboratories:

 • Flame Photometer

 • Spectro Photometer

 • Electronic Balance

 • Digital Potentiometer

 • Digital Conductivity Meter

 • Digital pH meter