R & D Cell

Research and Development has a special significance apart from its conventional coupling of scientific research and technological development. The role of R & D Division of the college is to enhance Research and Development activities to enable Excel Group Institutions to become a renowned Intellectual corporation fostering excellent research, development, sponsored projects, consultancy, continuing education and Industry Institute Interaction in addition to excellent teaching.

The R & D division motivates the faculty members and Students to carry out research work in areas of their interest, generate project proposals to seek grants from various funding agencies, establish Centers of Excellence in the college. At Excel Engineering College, these are done to motivate the students and the faculty of the Institution, to update the knowledge which leads to further investigation and progress and to give a hand to the industries in their product development. All disciplines of the college are actively engaged on Research, Development and Consultancy activities. The R & D cell of this college has been active in registering for patents, copyrights, publications in conferences, organizing conferences, seminars and workshops.

The management, knowing the importance of R&D has been magnanimous to sanction necessary funds for establishment of Laboratories with Lab equipment towards Research and Development. Apart from such funds sanctioned to each department, a budget is set apart every year, for innovation not only by the students and the faculty of this Institution but also by the high schools in and around the Institution by arranging an Exhibition on Science and Engineering each year. The R & D cell is very active in encouraging registration of patents as one of the IPR activities.