• Academic Year 2013-2014

    • EXCEL SCIENCE & TECH EXPO 2014 on 9.01.14 & 10.01.14

    • Peer Training on Programming Basics of C & C++ on 10.10.2013
    • Peer training on Hardware Montage on 18.07.2012

    Academic Year 2012-2013


    Academic Year 2011-2012

    • 2nd NATIONAL LEVEL EXPO-2012 PROJECT & OPEN HOUSE EXHIBITION on 12.01.2012 & 13.01.2012

    Academic Year 2010-2011

    • EXCEL SCIENCE EXPO 2011 on 05.02.2011

    Academic Year 2009-2010


  • Academic Year 2017-2018

    Excel Engineering College - Department of CSE & IT has organised "BANEETECH'17" an intra departmental non-technical symposium on 22nd september 2017 at Velappar hall, Excel Campus.View Invitation

    Academic Year 2016-2017

    Excel Engineering College - Department of CSE & IT has organized a Two Days National Seminar on "Significance of Cyber Security in Information Technology" on 20th & 21st June 2017. View Invitation

    Excel Engineering College - Department of CSE & IT has organized a Seven Days FDTP on Programming and Data Structures II from 28th May 2017 to 3rd June 2017 at excel Campus. View Details

    Excel Engineering College Department of CSE & IT has organized a One Day National Seminar on " Academic Project Development and Documentation" on 27th August 2016 at Excel Campus.View Invitation View Gallery

    Academic Year 2015-2016

    Excel Engineering College - Department of Computer Science and Engineering & Information Technology jointly organized 4th National Conference on "Networking and Communication Systems" - 2016 on 30th MArch 2016   View Invitation View Gallery

    Excel Engineering College - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Information Technology and Electronics and Communication Engineering is organizing a National Level Technical Symposium "Techtronz '16" on 12.03.2016   View Invitation View Gallery

    Department of Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology has organized an One-Day Workshop on Hadoop-Big Data Tool on 10 March 2016View Brochure View Gallery

    Department of CSE, IT & ECE has organized “The Great Mind Challenge 2015” with IBM – BLUEMIX on 03.02.2016 at Excel Engineering College.  

    Department of Computer Science Engineering & Information Technology in Association with Revert Technology & Finland labs, New Delhi has Organized One week project based National Winter Training Program on “Android Apps Development “on 02.02.2016 to 06.02.2016 at Excel Engineering College  View Details 

    The Inauguration of IT Association " TECHACKZ" -15 to be held on 25 July 2015, Saturday at 9.30 a.m @ Vellapar Hall A/C in Excel Campus.

    3rd National Conference - Dept of IT organize "Networking and communication systems 2015" (NCS 15) to be held on 13th Feb 2015 @ Excel Engineering College.

    National Level Symposium "Trailblazer 2014" held on 29-09-2014 @ Excel Engineering College.

    Association Inauguration of Information Technology held on 01st August 2014

    Academic Year 2013-2014


    In-house workshop on MANUAL TESTING - 20/09/2013

    The In-house workshop focuses mainly on the aspects of manual testing and its approach towards the current industry. The techniques related to test case presentation and the follow-up procedures for doing manual testing have been discussed. The different views relevant to recent approaches to testing and the tools with industry standards have been listed and elaborated to the students. This workshop was a brainstorming session for the students.

    TRAILBLAZER - 05/10/2013

    Academic Year 2012-2013

    FIRST NATIONAL LEVEL CONFERENCE "Networking and Communication Systems" (NCS 2013) held on 22nd February 2013

    National Level Workshop on "Future Networks based on Wired / Wireless" held on 31st January 2013

    Multimedia over wireless Networks held on 22.08.2012

    4th National Level Technical Symposium “I TECH ‘12” of Department of Information Technology “APTORANS” held on 20.09.2012

    Academic Year 2011-2012

    Hack Track 2012 held on 22.03.2012 & 23.03.2012

    SforzoX’11 Symposium held on 23.09.2011 & 24.09.2011

  • Academic Year 2013-2014

    • Cryptography & Network Security on 4.1.14.
    Guest : Mr.C.Rajan, AP/IT, K.S,Rangasamy college of technology
    • Cryptography & Network Security on 3.1.14.
    Guest : Mr. C.Rajan,AP/IT,K.S,Rangasamy college of technology
    • Java Programming on 11.7.13.
    Guest : Dr.A. Sabari, prof & IT, K.S.Rangasamy college of technology

    CHIEF GUEST: Dr.E.Karunanidhi,HR Professional,Jasmin Infotech,Chennai

    Academic Year 2012-2013

    • Awareness Programme on Open Source Software on 30.08.11.
    Guest: Dr.P.Thangaraj, prof/HOD CSE, Bannari Amman Institute of Technology
    • Issues and Applications of High Speed Networks on 30.06.11 & 01.07.11.
    Guest: Mr.J,Santhanakrishnan, CEO, Commx Solutions, Chennai Mr.A.Sadagopan, Rtd Deputy Generalmanager Telecom, BSNL, Chennai.

    Chief Guest:Mr. Ravi Varadarajan,Sr. Country Technical Manager - Solid Works,Bangalore.

    Chief Guest: Mr. J.Santhanakrishnan,CEO,KNET Solutions,Chennai.
    Mr. A.Sadagopan,Rtd. Asst. General Manager,Business Development Cell,Tamil Nadu.

    Chief Guest:Mr.K.Rajtilak,Lead Campus Realations,Classle Knowledge Pvt.Ltd
    Dr.P.Ramesh kumar,Lead Campus Realations,Classle Knowledge Pvt.Ltd, Chennai

    Chief Guest:Mr.Santhanakrishnan,CEO, commx Solutions, Chennai
    Mr.A.Sadagopan,Rtd Deputy General Manager,Telecom BSNL, Chennai.

    Chief Guest:Mr. Anand Narayanan,Vice President - Essar Information Technology,Coimbatore.

    NPTEL Awareness Workshop held on 01.11.2012

    Academic Year 2011-2012

    Chief Guest:Mr.Sunny Vaghela,Founder & CTO,Tech Defence Private Limited, Ahmedabad

    Chief Guest:Mr.M.Sakthivel,Territory Head Tamilnadu Networks,MIT Limited

    Academic Year 2010-2011

    • Human Values on 22.01.11.
    Guest: Sri Aashrithaji, Oneness Universtity • Information Security on 25.08.10.
    Guest: T.Senthil prakash, AP, SSM college of engineering • Probability and Queuing theory on 25.03.10.
    Guest: Mrs.S.Jagadeswari, Prof/Maths, K.S.R college of technology

    Academic Year 2009-2010

    • Probability and Queuing theory on 04.11.09.
    Guest: Mrs.JagadeswarProf/maths,K.S.R college of technology • Digital Signal Processing on 09.11.09.
    Guest: Mr.P.Babu. Prof/ECE, K.S.R college of technology

  • Academic Year 2015-2016

    III Year IT Students went to Industrial visit at Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode on 30.7.2015.
    View Gallery

    III Year IT Students went to Industrial visit at UST Global Solutions, Tiruvanthapuram on 31.7.2015
    View Gallery

    IV – Year IT Students Went to Industrial visit on Cranes software Solutions, Bangalore at 12.08.2015
    View Gallery

    IV – Year IT Students Went to Industrial visit on ACIT PVT Ltd, Bangalore on 13.08.2015
    View Gallery

    Industry Explorer-15 (first edition) on 31.01.15.