About the library

The college has a library and Information Centre which plays a vital role in achieving the cherished objectives of improving the education standard by stimulating academic interest among the students community. The computerized library with a total area of 1000 sqm and has a collection of nearly 21749 books, 6283 titles, 814 CD-ROM’s, 105 National Journals, 81 International Journals, Internet browsing Lending, Reference and Reprographic facilities Study halls with a capacity for 177 Seats (UG Library 132 Seats, PG Library 45 Seats), It has separate reading sections to serve the under graduate and post graduate students.

Apart from this, it has digital resources facilities for students and staff such as ASME, DELNET & IEEE online journals. It is fully automated and all the transactions are computerized. Books are classified and arranged according to the DDC (Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme).Added to these, the library has OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) facility to enable easy access for the user. It also has a collection of books related to TOEFL, GRE, GATE (All branches), CAT, civil services examinations to help those students to prepare for competitive examinations and placement training.

Institutional Membership

Rules and Regulations

  • Personal belongings like files, folders, bags, jerkins, umbrella, issued books etc are not allowed inside the library.
  • Students/Staff should scan their ID card in the E Gate Register scanner while entering into the library.
  • The library users should possess their ID card while they are inside the library.
  • Books will be issued only on production of Bar-coded ID card.
  • Use of Mobile phones are not allowed inside the library.
  • Complete silence is to be maintained inside the library. If conversation is necessary, that should be in low tone only.
  • Students wearing shorts, paijama, night dresses, round neck and printed T-shirts etc are not allowed inside the library.
  • Formal dress code is to be allowed.
  • The arrangement of chairs and other furniture in the reading area should not be disturbed.
  • The librarian reserves the right to cancel the membership of any member found misbehaving, abusing the library staff or behaving in an indecent manner.

Books Borrowing Eligibility

UG Students -3

PG students- 5

Top 3 merit students in each class are given extra two library books for their use.

The Library has extended working hours from 8.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. Digital Library facility is also available.

Issue Details


Lending books are issued for 15 days One CD will be issued for one day.


Faculties are eligible to borrow 10 books they will be kept on Six months.

Non-Teaching Staffs

All non teaching staffs are eligible to borrow 2 books and retain them for one month.

Books Issued and Returns

» The books taken from the library are to be returned within 15 days or on or before the date specified on the due date slip pasted in the front page of the books.

» While borrowing the book, the member must make sure that the book is in good condition and the page numbers are intact.

» The staff/students are entitled to return the books as and when they are called by the librarian.

» If a books is not returned when due, another book will not be issued

» Reference books will be issued on Over-night issue.

» Non-book materials like CD and Floppy are also issued on Overnight issue.

» The borrower shall be responsible for any loss caused to the library documents borrowed.

» If a book is lost by the borrower, the librarian should be immediately informed in writing and the same should be traced and replaced within 15 days from the due date.

» If the borrower is not able to replace the book for the book lost within two weeks, they have to pay the cost of the book in three times. If a book is replaced, current edition of the book with bill will only be accepted.

» No user shall deface the library books/journals/back volumes and other non book materials like CD/Floppy etc.

» Current Journals/Back volumes and Locker books are not issued for home reading. They are to be referred inside the library only.

» Users are allowed to take the photocopies of the required articles.

» While accessing the E-resources of the library, proper entries are to be made in the records of the library. Downloading of the information is also permitted

» Accessing unwanted and unnecessary information from the internet is strictly prohibited.

» Photocopying of full - book is not permitted.