Research Policy

Swift augmentation in technology has a brunt on economic and societal development. Innovation is buoyant at the Institution level. Research and developmental activities creates the new knowledge in teaching-learning process among faculty members, researchers and students. Research builds state-of-the-art facilities, promotes research publications, develops collaborations and becomes part of active community that carves up the mission objectives.


The purpose of the Research Policy is to create a vivacious environment of research among faculty members, researchers and students in the Institution.

  • It Serve as an overall outline within which research activities shall be carried out.
  • To ensure efficient and effective support system to facilitate faculty members, researchers and students.
  • To foster an atmosphere of undertaking socially useful research with potential for commercialization.
  • Establish Research Centres for Excellence.
  • Persuade interdisciplinary collaborations at national and international level.

Policy and Guidelines

Undertaking Research

  • • Faculty members, researchers and students of Excel Engineering College are expected to undertake research leading to quality publications in National/ International Journals, presentations in National/ International conferences of repute, generation of Intellectual property with potential for commercialization and the solution to societal problems.

Recruitment and Promotion

  • Institution shall recruit faculty members who have demonstrable/ demonstrated in their field of research.
  • Faculty promotion may significantly depend on research undertaken.
  • The quality of research output may be assessed on the yardsticks such as Impact Factor (IF), Funding agencies, Nature of fund, Social impact etc., and will be revised from time-to-time as appropriate.

Research Management

  • Overall management of research activities may be coordinated by Director Research, Excel Engineering College under direct supervision of the Principal.
  • Research advisory body and administrative committee shall be responsible for overall functioning of research activities within the Institution.
  • The consultancy work will be carried out under the head (Principal) of Excel Engineering College.
  • Faculty members should motivate/ involve students towards research and consultancy.
  • The revenue generated will be deposited in the institution account. This is done to avoid misuse of funds.
  • The Institution will provide the remuneration.